Usage Notes

This product is for office use chair. It is not medical equipment. Please refrain from using it for treatment purposes.


When using the gliding function, the seat surface moves greatly back and forth and right and left according to the movement of the body. Be careful with your physical condition and safety, please use the gliding function without impossible.


When using the gliding function below please be sure to consult a doctor.

  • Those who feel abnormalities such as numbness or pain in the neck, shoulders, back, waist, legs, hands, or have hurt in the past.
  • If you have a disease in the spinal cord.
  • If you have a joint disease or any other medical condition.
  • You can not support yourself by yourself sitting.
  • Pregnant or pregnant woman.
  • Persons who are prohibited from exercising by a doctor.
  • Other, those with abnormality in the body, or those who feel abnormal in the body.

If you feel a bruise, discomfort, or abnormality that is unusual in your body during use, fix the gliding function (the seat movement function) with the stopper and use it, please consult your doctor.


Those who do not know the movement of the seating surface, children and elderly people, please be careful not to be injured, etc due to unexpected movement of the seat.