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*Soft wheels are best for hard flooring (concrete, wood flooring, tiles),

Hard wheels are best for soft flooring (carpet)


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Please take note that, as all of our items are manufactured upon order by our factory in Japan, there will be a 7-9 weeks lead time upon confirmation.

We seek your patience and kind understanding.

  • Hard Wheel
  • Soft Wheel
  • CR-GW3203E1G40T-W
  • CR-GW3203E1G41S-W
  • CR-GW3203E1G439-W
  • CR-GW3203E1G47E-W
  • CR-GW3203E1G49G-W
  • CR-GW3203E1G4B6-W
  • CR-GW3203E1G4E3-W
  • CR-GW3203E1G4M4-W
  • CR-GW3203E1G4M6-W
  • CR-GW3203E1G4Q4-W
  • CR-GW3203E1G4Q6-W
  • CR-GW3203E1G4T7-W
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Additional Information
Weight 15.2 kg
Dimensions 70.2 × 70.2 × 115 cm
Chair Wheel

Hard Wheel, Soft Wheel


CR-GW3203E1G40T-W, CR-GW3203E1G41S-W, CR-GW3203E1G439-W, CR-GW3203E1G47E-W, CR-GW3203E1G49G-W, CR-GW3203E1G4B6-W, CR-GW3203E1G4E3-W, CR-GW3203E1G4M4-W, CR-GW3203E1G4M6-W, CR-GW3203E1G4Q4-W, CR-GW3203E1G4Q6-W, CR-GW3203E1G4T7-W