Fits the various spine shapes without adjustment.

The S curve of the natural spine is created by the angle of the pelvis. ing’s gliding mechanism meets the natural pelvic angle of the sitting person and does not require adjustment of the lumbar support.

Always follow and distribute the body pressure dynamically.

Gliding mechanism that moves 360 ° back and forth, left and right, always follows the movement of the body while gliding. This way no body pressure concentrates on one point but the pressure is evenly distributed accordingly.

Respond to physical differences without adjustment.

So that everyone can sit comfortably. ing adopts a “front free tilt” in which the front part of the seating surface is bent according to the size and the posture of the person sitting. Even physically small persons with a smaller spines are less pressed against the back of the thigh, so adjustment of the depth of the seating surface is not necessary.

Various variations that you can experience
the difference in gliding feeling

Vertical Type (cushion type)

Equipped with a tilt mechanism that allows you to move smoothly while leaving your body behind. You can move your body while supporting your back with a large area, you can feel the relaxed mood.

Lateral Type (cushion type)

The back reinforced the side support while suppressing the height. You can freely stretch your body.
※ Tilt mechanism is not equipped.

Mesh Type NEW

By following the movement of the body, the back of the mesh can lighter, unconsciously and can shake naturally. The tilt mechanism is not equipped, but the mesh flexibly catches the body.

Difference in gliding feeling by type

Lightness of movement = actuating force required for posture change. Range of motion of the body = range of motion of the body.